SculpSure Fat Reduction

The world’s first light-based body contouring system for the reduction of stubborn fat is here!  Remove unwanted fat permanently in only 25-minutes with the SculpSure® Body Contouring Treatment. SculpSure is state-of-the-art, controlled light-based technology, ideal for patients looking for a non-invasive procedure with permanent results.

Even with diet and exercise, areas with stubborn fat make it appear that it's almost impossible to get rid of. SculpSure® however, allows you to target areas with fat pockets and can destroy the targeted fat cells in just 25 minutes without affecting your skin's surface. There is no downtime, no surgery, and no pain



SculpSure® targets a precise area and destroys the unwanted fat cells with laser technology. The weeks following your treatment, your body will naturally eliminate the destroyed fat cells leaving that treated area slimmer & firmer. 

SculpSure® does not just remove the lipid fluid within the fat cell but destroys the entire fat cell. The destroyed fat cell is eliminated from the body naturally and ultimately reducing the number of fat cells in that targeted area. Patients can see a 24% reduction in fat cell loss with just one SculpSure treatment. If a more slimmer and sculpted look is desired more treatments can be done. 

SculpSure at Hill Country Vitality

Here at Hill Country Vitality we will have you come in for a consultation for us to assess and discuss a customized treatment plan that will give you your desired results. After your convenient and quick consultation we will schedule your treatment, which is only 25 minutes. During your treatment you are free to sit and look through a magazine, check emails or simply relax. After your SculpSure® treament is complete you are able to pick up right where you left off, whether it's going back to work or going to the gym to work out without it affecting the efficacy of your SculpSure treatment. 

The Science behind SculpSure



With laser energy heat we can target fat cells under the skin without affecting the skin's surface.

Destroy Fat Cells

As the fat cells are heated up, their structural integrity is being damaged leading to their removal.



Over the course of the following three months the damaged fat cells will naturally be eliminated by the body.



The fat cells are permanently removed and will not regenerate. These results can be seen as early as six weeks.

Who is a Good Candidate for SculpSure?

With SculpSure's innovative laser technology, it allows us treat anyone nad everyone with stubborn, diet & exercise resistant fat. Unlike SculpSure's competitor we are able to treat non-pinchable, fibers fat. Ultimately the goal of SculpSure® is to reduce the number of fat cells in a targeted area, this is not for weight loss. This is a perfect option for someone who is looking to get a slimmer and more firm look without surgery, downtime, or pain. 

What Areas can you Treat with Sculpsure?

SculpSure® is able to treat multiple area's of the body including abdomen, flanks, thighs, and arms. With our SculpSure® applicators we are also able to treat multiple areas in one session. 

When can you start seeing results?

You can start seeing a difference in as little as six weeks and get optimal results within twelve weeks. SculpSure® induces a natural cell death which means we are not forcing the body to do anything that it doesn't do naturally. And because of this, it does take time for the body to fully eliminate the unwanted fat cells in the treated area. 

Why choose sculpsure over coolsculpting?

There are a few reasons why we choose to provide SculpSure® over CoolSculpting and a few reasons are the treatment times are only 25 minutes and you can do multiple areas at once. SculpSure does not pull or pinch the treated area to cause discomfort, and the heat can contribute to skin tightening and collagen production to help reveal a naturally slimmer and more firm area!

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Sculpsure Results for WOMEN

My stomach is flatter, it’s more smooth. I’m very happy with making the choice to get SculpSure done.
— Lindsey, Actual SculpSure Patient
It was my abdomen after having children. After the procedure I definitely feel more confident that’s there’s less of me there.
— Sherry, Actual SculpSure Patient

SculpSure results for MEN

The SculpSure treatment was simple, totally comfortable (you feel it, but very tolerable) and while I am only about 5 weeks out I can see a difference and my wife can as well. I wanted to post this because I would NEVER do liposuction, and I think there are a lot of people that would benefit from such a simple treatment.
— Male Patient,
SculpSure made me a believer as soon as I could fit into my old pair of jeans from a few years ago.
— Male Patient,
SculpSure for Men in San Antonio
…men are becoming a larger percentage of patients seeking cosmetic enhancements, especially for body contouring and fat removal. SculpSure is the latest and greatest noninvasive fat removal technology. Men that are fit, yet frustrated with their love handles find this treatment a perfect addition to their nutritional and workout efforts.
— Forbes Magazine

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