SculpSure For Busy Moms Looking to Shape Up Their Post Partum Bodies

As a new mom nothing is more important than making sure your baby is fed, cleaned and happy- after all they are the single most important thing in your life, right? And while of course, we agree that our kids are obviously our #1 priorities, we have to ask: what about you?                                    

Reduce the post partum fat with SculpSure. Available at Hill Country Vitality in San Antonio. 

It’s hard to get the body back in shape after carrying a baby for 9 months, the physical toll of pregnancy and birth, and of course, the less than available hours to focus on your own health. However, it’s incredibly important to realize that getting fit again (or maybe for the first time), loosing the baby weight, and feeling good about yourself is a huge part of having a healthy mentality post-partum. While the gym may not make sense right away- either financially or due to lack of personal time away throughout the week- there are other ways to kick-start your slim down.

Hey there new mama… we want to introduce you to SculpSure.


What Is SculpSure?

SculpSure is groundbreaking thermo technology that gives you a slimmer look in 25 minutes with zero downtime- and who can’t find 25 minutes? Using heat to target the stubborn pockets of unwanted fat cells, SculpSure helps to contour the body you’re working towards.

How Does It Work?

SculpSure works by delivering heat energy, targeting the fat cells through a laser applicator that lays flush against the skin. A major advantage of the SculpSure applicator’s ability to be positioned flat against the skin is being able to treat both the targeted areas and a larger surface area all at once. The treated fat cells will eliminate from the body over time, with a complimentary tightening of the skin, as a result of the heat treatment.



How It Can Help Me?

While we would never suggest treatment without a balanced combination of healthy eating and exercise, SculpSure targets cells that don’t typically react to tweaks in nutrition and physical activity. So, for moms still looking for the time to fit in an hour workout 3-4 days a week, SculpSure provides the springboard to a slimmer you with only a few 25-minute sessions- and it can all be done while the baby sleeps in the stroller.

It can be frustrating to spend time- the precious and rare moments you do get- working towards making yourself stronger and healthier, especially if the results aren’t as quick as you’d like them to be. SculpSure is changing the way women feel about their post baby bodies, helping them to embrace their hectic new schedules and find a way to start seeing the results faster than with exercise alone. 

Additionally, with only 25-minute treatments, you won’t feel guilty about taking that time away to focus on you- though we bet your family thinks you’re worth every second of it.

Talk to one of our trained specialists today at Hill Country Vitality to see how SculpSure can help trigger the fat loss you want- and maybe need- to be the healthiest version of Mom you can be. With no downtime and no pain, you’ll feel great, look great and be on your way to feeling physically like the “Super Mom” you already are inside.

Hill Country Vitality is apart of the North Hills Family Medicine facility and we are so proud and excited to be a provider of SculpSure in the Stone Oak & San Antonio area. Our three doctors, Dr. Geralde, Dr. Naron, & Dr. Earp have extended beyond their family practice to further help the people in their community live happier & healthier lives.

Come in & talk to us about how we can help get you back on track without taking time away from your family! 

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