SculpSure For the Holiday Win & a Very Happy, Healthy New Year!

Ladies and gentlemen, holiday party season is upon us- are you as prepared as you hoped for?

While there’s no treatment that can whip you into shape overnight, there are some steps to begin taking NOW to make sure your holiday socials and New Year’s Eve celebrations only showcase your best assets- and nothing else. Of course, we’re always big proponents for a healthy exercise and diet routine, but when you need a little extra thinning out in your stubborn, problem areas we suggest a quick visit to Hills Country Vitality for SculpSure.


How to Get It By the Holidays

Hill Country Vitality is a provider of SculpSure in San Antonio. Learn how SculpSure can help you slim down in those trouble areas. 

SculpSure is the ideal way to begin seeing results, not only just in time for the holidays, but to continue your slimmer physique well into 2018. With short and easy sessions, SculpSure offers contouring in as little as 25-minute office visits. The non-surgical, heat energy treatment begins working after only one treatment, seeing results within 6 weeks- SO NOW IS THE TIME. But just like a bottle of fine wine, with time the results only improve, seeing complete effects in 12 weeks.


Never Miss a Holiday Party

For the patients eager to see transformational changes starting in the new year, some may find themselves turning to invasive surgical procedures. Not only do treatments like this cause pain and bruising, but they will more than likely result in missed engagements and events as the patients recover. With SculpSure you can enjoy a quick session on the way to the next party without any pain or downtime needed.

Dieting during the holidays can be hard but SculpSure is here to help. Hill Country Vitality is. a provider of SculpSure for the San Antonio and Stone Oak Area. 


How Does It Work?

SculpSure is a non-invasive treatment that uses applicators and heat energy to destroy cells by delivering laser energy directly to the areas with concentrated pockets of fat. Once destroyed, they are eliminated permanently- though over time- through the body. It is most effective around the midsection and on love handles, however the easy to use applicators allow specialists to treat multiple areas at a time, including: the back, inner or outer legs and arms.


With the holidays fast approaching- and an amazing 2018 to look forward to- now is the time to begin preparing your body for the look you want. Combined with sensible eating and moderate exercise, SculpSure can help propel your results faster than other treatments or diet and exercise alone. By scheduling your sessions now, you can look forward to fitting into that special Christmas or NYE dress that’s been hanging in your closet the last 3 years. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Hill Country Vitality for any information or to have Dr. Geralde answer all of your questions. A quick consult can let you know if this is the right treatment for you. With results in as soon as 6 weeks- and in only 25 minute, pain free sessions- we don’t see a reason to not treat yourself for the upcoming year!

SculpSure is able to eliminate fat cells with NO surgery, NO pain, & NO downtime. Come in for a consultation to see if SculpSure is right for you!