How BioTe and 4 Other Amazing Options Can Help Keep Your Hormones Balanced Throughout the Holiday Season

Can we all just admit that though the holidays are magical in their own ways, as adults the stress and anxiety over everything to do and handle still seems to always creep in? In fact, many people report being more stressed during the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve than any other time throughout the year. At Hill Country Vitality we want to help reduce the stress and increase the holiday cheer! Proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and meditation go a long way towards achieving this- but this year, our little secret is BioTe!

BioTE can help you gain back energy as well as help you with mood swings, mental fogginess, and sexual libido. Hill Country Vitality is a certified provider of BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy in San Antonio & Stone Oak Area. 

Even though you’re busy running around, buying gifts and organizing family dinners, it’s incredibly important to maintain a focus on your hormones and health. Without doing so, you are likely to experience mood swings, irritability, tiredness and a loss of motivation to accomplish your holiday goals. Of course, we are big fans of BioTe, but here is a comprehensive look to help take the coal out of your stocking this year:


1.     Exercise

Never underestimate the power of what 30 minutes of movement can do for your energy levels- or overall happiness- in a day. Try sticking to your normal routine no matter how hectic your schedule gets to help get your blood flowing every day. If working out is not a part of your current lifestyle, start slowly with morning or evening walks- there’s no better time to start than in the present.

2.     Meditate

Meditation looks different for everyone; it can be honing a yoga practice 45 minutes a day, 7 days a week or taking 10 minutes of peace every morning. No matter what, just allow yourself a moment of time to be calm with focused breathing.

How to maintain energy and motivation during the holidays. Hill Country Vitality is a certified provider of BioTE hormone replacement therapy in San Antonio & Stone Oak area.

3.     Give Back

It may seem like just one more thing to do, but in fact giving back offers a rush of endorphins and other “feel good” energies to our brains and bodies. Volunteer your time, donate food or clothing to a shelter or simply make yourself available to a friend in need- you’ll get the mental and emotional boost you need while helping others in the process.

4.     Keep Perspective

Remember that the holiday rush is only for a short time each year. Before you know it the New Year will be here and your friends and family will be back in their busy lives, as will you. Embrace the time with loved ones- no matter the chaos- and soak up the laughter and love with those around you in the moment.

5.     BioTe

Finally, it never hurts to have a little extra help- especially during the holidays- and for this, we recommend BioTe, a naturally derived bio-identical hormone therapy option. BioTe is a treatment for many common issues such as: exhaustion, stress, weight loss, sleep disturbances, and mood swings.

BioTe is administered in the gluteal area and consists of bio-identical hormones that then enter through the bloodstream. Every pellet is created with the patients' unique physiology in mind to customize the hormones specifically for them.