Men & BioTE: Safe, Non-Synthetic & Successful

BioTE for Andropause

With the much-dreaded menopause, women are often seen as the only ones to suffer from hormone imbalances.  Little do most people know that men can suffer as well, losing significant levels of hormones, during what is now identified as andropause. The most significant thing to recognize is that this fluctuation in hormones is incredibly common- and treatable. Through consultations with your doctor, hormone therapy can get your levels back to normal- bringing back the clarity and energy you have been missing.


What Is Andropause?

Andropause is the male equivalent to menopause; typically, it is when a man begins to feel the combined symptoms of fatigue, anxiety or reduced sexual desire or performance. While some ridicule the veracity of andropause, medical research proves this to be a legitimate phase in some men’s lives, with a significant reduction in testosterone.

Men & Biote. Hill Country Vitality is a BioTe provider in the Stone Oak & San Antonio Area.


While a man’s testosterone levels can begin to drop around the age of 30, most men don’t actually begin to suffer from the symptoms of andropause until the age of 40, lasting roughly until the age of 55. Similar to menopause, men also experience extreme fatigue, depression, reduced sexual inclinations, mood swings and memory loss amongst many others that affect the mind. Physical symptoms range from joint pain and bladder issues to headaches and uncontrollable weight gain.


How to Treat It?

Luckily, there is a safe hormone replacement treatment available called BioTe- a non-synthetic, plant-based hormone identical biologically to human hormones. BioTe works by delivering consistent amounts of testosterone throughout the day, for the duration of the treatment period. The tiny hormone pellets are placed safely under the skin, releasing bio-identical estrogen (this is available for women, as well) and/or testosterone as needed.


Benefits of BioTE

With the natural and safe delivery of BioTe, a man’s hormone levels are restored to a healthy equilibrium, which has been proven to help in the prevention of diseases. Within a short period of time, patients often report having an increase in their stamina, strength, mental clarity and energy, due to the life changing benefits of BioTe.


BioTe works to reverse symptoms from both menopause and andropause; if you are a mid-life man or woman, experiencing these symptoms, contact Hill Country Vitality today. We are a certified BioTE provider in San Antonio. Life shouldn’t consist of exhaustion, pain and irritability- not when there are safe treatments to restore your hormone levels and get you back to feeling like yourself once again.