Our Weight Loss Approach

Physician Supervised Weight Loss Plans in San Antonio

Our goal is to help you jump start & maintain a weight loss plan that gives YOU results. After you come in for your initial consultation we will develop a plan that is safe, effective, & built for your body & budget. Typically we start patients on a low carbohydrate plan that helps lose 3-5 lbs per week. Depending on your goals, we may suggest a different start.


Why Our Plan Works

It's physician supervised.

Here at Hill Country Vitality we hire highly trained physicians with experience in weight loss & patient wellness. They develop & supervise plans that utilize the most effective and safest FDA-approved weight loss treatments and diets. Each treatment plan is customized to your needs & goals.

We educate on healthy & attainable nutrition.

While we may use weight loss medication it's important for us to educate our weight loss patients on proper nutrition practices. From food choices to portion control, our team helps you prepare a meal plan that can be bought from your favorite grocery store. We keep your goals & budget in mind.

We are trying to help you attain your weight loss goals, not empty your bank account. 

We Optimize your workouts.

A lot of people workout but few know how to optimize their workouts. We utilize metabolic fitness testing in our weight loss plans to help you optimize your workouts. What does that mean? Metabolic fitness testing gives you an accurate reading of how many calories are burned at different heart rate levels. During workouts it would be highly beneficial to obtain & maintain a heart rate at which you burn the most calories. 

We are there from start to finish.

You accomplish your goals for 3 main reasons: dedication, customization, & progress. We keep you dedicated with weekly or biweekly visits. Our customized weight loss plans are curated from our comprehensive consults & your weight loss goals. Progress does not come immediately but our plans are designed & tested to work.